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Most of the things that are very expensive are those from the pre-war era. There are people who give value to old things. They feel and know that having a piece of history is something that is very valuable. That is why many people are collecting antiques because they know that as time passes, the more value that thing will have. There are also people who collect music items like music records. This is like the CD of the modern generation but they are black and have two sizes the long playing and the 45’s as they call it. It is played on a turn table.

Music History

People can hire a vintage singer to sing in their parties. They are like singers from the 1930-1940’s. They also sing songs from that era. In those times jazz, big bands like the whole percussion, brass and strings are present in the band and they can play for a themed party, wedding or reunion. This is also the era when technology is helping the artist to make their music more popular. Radio, TV and other forms of media is being used to promote the singers and the songs that they made or sang. Similar to today, social media is being used to promote more upcoming artists in ways that only the media can do so well. It was also the time where a more technical approach to the music. More electronic sounds were added to the music to make new types like pop.

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